There are mainly three places which students attend frequently: Ryds Herrgård ([hg]), Flamman and Kårhuset Kollektivet (KK). Beside them, most bars, pubs and clubs are situated at Ågatan in the centre of Linköping, open to everyone.


Ryds Herrgård, [hg] is situated in the middle of Ryd, one of the areas with the highest levels of SPC (Students Per Capita). They have bars and a dance floor, they serve food almost every evening (try the burgers!) and have a variety of beers. Every second Friday is “International Night” which is highly attended by exchange students, during which you’ll get free entrance before 00:00 with an ESN card.
To be found at: Alsättersgatan 19, 584 35 Linköping


Flamman is situated in the basement of the student neighbourhood Flamman. It is a small pub/club run by students and the line is usually quite long since the bar serves alcohol with some of the cheapest prices to be found in Linköping.
To be found at: Västanågatan 22, 582 35 Linköping

KK, Kårhuset kollektivet

KK is owned by the Student Unions and run by students. It’s a big bar/club which on its bigger events have several bars and dance floors. Members of the student union benefit from a reduced entrance fee.
To be found at: Ågatan 55, 582 22 Linköping