• What is a peer student and what is his/her task?

A peer student is a local student (usually Swedish) that helps from 1 to 5 exchange/master’s/PHD students to get on well in Linköping or Norrköping, giving away tips about the city and the university, explaining the Swedish culture and society etc.


I want to BE a peer student:

  • What kind of activities should I do with my student(s) and how much time does it require?

It’s totally up to you to decide what to do; it could be a “fika”, a bike ride, a visit to a museum, a trip, whatever you both want! You decide also the amount of time that you decide to spend with your student(s), we don’t have any requirements. However, when you sign up to this post you have a personal responsability to take contact, help and meet the student(s).  


  • For how long am I a peer student?

You are a peer student for 1 semester. If you want to be a peer student also in the next semester, you have to apply again. We will write on the homepage and Facebook page when it will be time for that.


  • Can I arrange some activities in groups with other peer students?

Sure! Just tell the peer student coordinator ( and write on the private facebook group “ESN Linköping Faddrar 2017/2018” (you got the link in the email with the contacts of your students)


  • I want to be even more involved in the international student life, what should I do?

You can join the ESN Linköping’s Activity Committee, just send an email to


I want to HAVE a peer student:

  • What should I do to have a peer student?

Just fill in the form on our webpage and wait for an email from your peer student! You’ll receive a confirmation email when you’ll have been assigned a peer student.


  • I filled in the webform but I haven’t received any email, what should I do?

If you have been assigned a peer student, he/she will contact you by email as soon as possible. Unfortunately sometimes we don’t have enough peer students for all of the exchange students who want one. After 14-20 days from your application, if you haven't received any email you can ask us at if you have been assigned a peer student or not.  For those of you that sent an application for HT17 it might take even more time to get a peer student because of the summer vacations, so please be pacient!