Welcome to Lacux, the group for the Language and Culture Exchange events at Linköping University. Lacux is a collaboration between the Erasmus Student Network Linköping (ESN Linköping), The Student Association of Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering (Y), The Student Association of Industrial Engineering and Management (I), Association of Mechanical Engineering (M) and The Student Association for Business and Economics (ELIN) that started in autumn 2011.

The purpose is to create a place for Language and Cultural Exchange, where swedish students and exchange students can get to know eachother, practice  Swedish, English, German, Spanish or French and learn more about different cultures in a fun and relaxed way..

Check out the website, the LaCuX Facebook page and the ESN Linköping's Facebook group for more information about location of the event and which will be the theme of the specific date! (see links listed below). It would be great if you respond as attending on Lacux's Facebook page, so that we can estimate the number of people attending.

The concept is that you bring your lunch every thursday to the location of the event. At the event you will meet other people interested in practicing the language you want. Each event will be offering a theme with several questions to help you vary your vocabulary, but the theme is only optional so you can talk freely about whatever you want. At the event there is also fika!

Due to the limitation of languages it’s convenient if you fit into one of the two descriptions listed below:
- German, Spanish or French as native language and want to practice English or Swedish
- Studying/want to practice German, Spanish or French (this applies for Swedish AND international students)

Don't forget to invite your friends to this page, see you on the next event!


For questions, please e-mail: acc@esnlinkoping.org